MADD: Desserts and Drinks in Soho

Rupert Street is in the heart of the capital’s nightlife capital, Soho. As such, MADD is in a prime position to tap into those patrolling the bars and clubs of the West End every night of the week. Serving up mango smoothies, desserts and fruit salads since February, MADD has now gained a license and is turning nocturnal as well.

Playing to the its strengths, the cocktails on offer are mango-based and unique. We enjoyed our mango daquiris and mango mojitos, and by the standards of central London they were very reasonably priced. Plus, the virtue of vitamin C in hangover prevention is at no extra charge.

For those feeling peckish at the end of a night out, a dessert of mousse, panna cotta, berries or fondant would make a refreshing alternative to a kebab. In particular, the mango and coconut sticky rice combination was delicious.

The decor is clean and bright, all geometric curves of bright colours and whites.While the lights could bear dimming for an evening crowd, MADD brings to Soho a breathing space away from the tumult of a Friday or Saturday night. Whether taking a break between clubs or winding down at the end, we say worth a visit.

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